Arpégiator Key Range

Hello, I have not seen the super 6 can do change the key range of arpegiator, it’s a useful function for monotimbral synth, with only one sound you can play lower notes (example bass 1 voice) with arpeggio and chords (5 voices) without arpéggio upper notes, it’s a trick normally we need bi timbral synth and there is a need low ressource to add.

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No one to support this incredible function ???
Arpégiator split key range it’s a dream for monotimbral synth.

Hey Paulo

I definitely support more Arp functions as long as they are intuitive to use!


Hello Matta, It’s for do this:


its a video of passionate user of analog synth " SynthMania "

Arpeggiator Bass + Chords Synth, Currently on the super 6 it’s not possible because when the arpeggiator is actived he play on the all keys, if you have a simple parameter for choose the key range you can split the keyboard.

Parameters examples:
Arp Setting: 1 = one octave arp actived
Arp Setting: 2 = two octaves arp actived
Arp Setting 3 = three octaves arp actived
Arp Setting 4 = All the keyboard octaves actived (by default)