Env Keytracking behavior

Does the Envelope key-tracking work when the Env is in the inverted position? As far as I can hear it does not…

Also about key-tracking – is there a way to inverse the behvior so the envelope slows down in the higher registers instead of the opposite?
And finally, the Envelope Hold time doesn’t seem to be affected by key-tracking, is that intentional?


Hi teomi,

The ENV 1 key-tracking currently only works in the default and loop modes. I’ll put key-tracking for the inverted mode on the list.

There is no way of inverting the key-tracking at the moment.

With ENV 1 set to loop mode what is being looped are the attack and decay phases. The sustain level is the level that the envelope’s value will rise from during the attack phase and fall to during the decay phase. The phases hold and release operate just like in default mode when the loop mode is activated.