Arpeggiator random -improvement suggestion

This is a small thing i’ve noticed that i think would be a nice improvement:

(it takes a bit of psychological in-depth explaining, so bear with me)

The ‘random’ setting in the arpeggiator does exactly this: any of the notes being held can be the one played successively. However, this means it can also be the same note that repeats.

Mathematically this is quite likely, just as repeats or increments are not that unlikely in any statistic random series.

However, the human brain does not work like this. We are made to see patterns, even when the’re not there. So ‘perfect’ randomness is not experienced as such per se.

If the random algorythm were weighted slightly, so that the chance that the same note plays twice succesively is a bit less than another one, it will sound much more musical and ‘varied’.

Some arpeggiators have the option to play ‘random other’ or even ‘random once’ (where every note being held is played once randomly before it will play again, round-robin like)

But just slightly weighting would make the random patterns a lot more pleasing and musical.


@DDS please can you record this and upvote it thanks