Arp "As Played" mode

The only arp mode I use, sadly missing on the UDO synths. Please implement!

As Played mode simply repeats the notes in the order you played, making it an ad-hoc sequencer of sorts, and very flexible. Better than a regular sequencer, more entertaining than a fixed arp pattern.


@klontart Thanks, I’ve often thought this also. DDS has added to our feature request platform. Any more comments on arpeggiators welcome on this thread!


Wonder if there’s a way to combine sequencer step mute logic to the arpeggiator:

Use the 16 patch/bank/wave buttons to represent notes and click buttons on and off to create differing rhythmic patterns of notes/rests which the arpeggiator then plays back.

Alternatively, add some ability to store different rhythmic patterns on those individual buttons. Something like press+hold one of the arp section buttons and then press one of the patch/bank buttons to access one of the stored rhythmic patterns.

EDIT - I guess you could even potentially combine these two ideas. So allow the on/off states of the 16 patch/bank buttons to be used to create a rhythmic pattern then allow that pattern to be stored to and recalled from one of those 16 buttons.


Thinking out loud a “sequarp” mode might be interesting where accent, rest, slide from sequence is applied, but notes are taken from the keyboard…


Can’t remember exactly what it does but I think the Polybrute has some kind of additional arp/sequencer hybrid mode. Might be worth checking out what that does.

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If you want the ultimate arp experience, check out the good old Waldorf Q. It begins with a normal arp (as it should) to get you going right away. It has optional patterns added for rhythm, micro timing, input-buffer note selection and more. It’s super nerdy.

The Nord Wave 2 has a watered down version of this where it provides factory patterns for rhythm only, and a custom pattern mode where you can build your own.

It’s important though to remember the nature of arp vs sequencer. Arps are ad-hoc, and allow for quick change of notes (by simply playing them on the keys). Add the proposed ‘As Played’ arp mode, experiment with adding note after note, then removing some, etc. and IMO you have the most direct and intuitive idea of what a combined arp/sequencer could be.

Sequencers on the other hand are slow. They require more thought, more actions, and by the time you have one dialed in, you may have lost the vibe of the idea that started it. Moreover, you spent so much time on that sequence that you’ll be reluctant to change it to something else, and you might end up stuck with that single sequence.

So when going for hybrid arp/sequence, IMO it should never impact the ad-hoc nature of the arp. Factory rhythm patterns are a good example. You only have to select one, without much distraction. If you want to sit down and go deep, sure, go ahead and roll your own.

Ratchet per step creates interesting sounds if this could be considered.

The best sequencers aren’t slow though. I mean, I’ve yet to find one as fast and fun as that of the SH-101 - the standard by which I judge all built-in sequencers personally.

Oh and the Arturia Key Step Pro has this wonderful trick to bridge between arp and sequencer: it allows you to record your brilliant, currently playing arp into the sequencer. Then switch to sequencer mode, tweak notes where needed, and save.


Yeah it’s a brilliant little live jamming machine, love my Chroma. Has the added advantage that the track I’m sequencing my Super 6 on can be coloured blue - a simple thing but really effective.

I also love the KSP. I have two, a white and a black one. One of them is superglued to a modular. The other one is doing various duties.

The KSP has a bit of a learning curve, but they are great IMO, and unique.
Wish all 4 parts had the arp. Wish all 4 parts had indiv tempo clocks.
Resisting purchase of the Chroma. :wink:

Totally agree with the wish about all 4 parts having the Arp.

Some faffing today with mine


Oh your Chroma is in good company, I see. :wink:
Very nice session. Love that glassy, somewhat busy drone in the background.

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@softroom lovely sounds!

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Cheers, I wasn’t as drunk as I will be this afternoon - and I still knocked the beer over! Don’t worry, the Soup is safe from splashes - it’s in setup #4 at the opposite end of the studio.

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haha, friday beers yeees!
brilliant performance really - I loved it - some parts reminded me somehow on a UK/Japanese “dub” piece I listened to around 1996, but I can’t recall!
thanks for sharing!
I see you also have a reface CS - how do you likes it?

Sometimes I overshare, at least my wife says so, glad you liked.
I like the Reface series in general and have all but the DX (the CP is just off-camera cos I didn’t set the cameras right, as usual). Good feel for small keyboards (so much classier than the el-cheapo controls and keys of, say, the Korg Minilogue XD). Yeah, all in all, they’re brilliant - apart from the shitty MIDI connectors and having to remember stuff to set the MIDI channels etc. At least they did an update since I wrote this review to fix a few of my moans…

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Yes, I find this is the best and most useful mode - and it’s brilliantly implemented on the Grandmother.