Arpeggiator "freeze"/lock

just saw a video review of the OB-X8(sonic state, Nick Batt) and it has a very nice feature in the arp section.

you can hold an arp and then “lock” it, so it plays and you can play on top of it without changing/triggering the arp again.

that would be a nice feature also on the UDOS6.

maybe with a long press on HOLD (until it blinks)… if that is possible.

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The developers didn’t include a sequencer in the OB-X8, and the Super 6’s sequencer already serves this exact function.

Thanks for pointing that out.
So you’re saying programming the sequencer is as fast as holding, say, 3 notes, setting the arp to random and 2 Oct range, and enabling HOLD (as I tried to explain)?