Thank you for making the super 6

I’d like to thank you for making this beautiful instrument. High quality and timeless design.
My only complaint is the addiction I have developed for playing it.

The Cristal clean high pitched, the rounded and the deep calm soft sounds are artistic and unique.

I am in love with this thing to a point that I am afraid of updating the firmware. I like that the controls are visible and immediate. While adding many features and shift shortcuts adds flexibility to routings…etc, it also takes away from its simplicity and visible controls.

An example of a behaviour change that I don’t like is;

“ - With the arpeggiator ON, using the sustain pedal or HOLD button, notes will continuously update while
at least 1 note is held. When all notes are released simmultanously, the last held pattern will latch.
Pressing a new chord will flush the held notes and play the new pattern”

Finally, I am unable to locate the V0.26 firmware release notes. Please help

Thanks again and I congratulate you for this success.