Scott McAuley Sounds - Looping Envelopes Can Sound Huge

Working away on my first custom bank for this fantastic synth, and exploring the looping envelope feature. It can create some seriously huge sounds, with lots of harmonic content, especially through drive mode 2. Loving this Synth!


Nice! Your OB-6 patches are excellent, can’t wait :star_struck:

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Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the OB-6 ones! :smiley:

That sounded amazing, thank you! Can’t wait to pick up the UDO S6 or SG - just waiting to hear if S6 patches can be loaded into SG, even if they need some fettling.

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Thanks, Yes Im interested to know this too, I am very close to pulling the trigger on a SG but may wait for now. undecided between it and the 3rd Wave. :slight_smile:

It’s a tough one, and I guess depends largely on what your use-case is. For me, I just want one synth that I can noodle around on, not really too bothered about recording or performing as such. For that I suspect a Super 6 will be ample, but, back in’day when my daughter had a home digital piano, I used to love layering piano and string-type sounds, so for that the Super Gemini is ideal, plus it has 5 octaves, Poly AT etc.

At the end of the day, any synth is going to scratch my itch, but I think that if I were going up another rung on the ladder, I’d probably consider the Quantum Mk2 over the 3rd Wave just because of the sheer number of engines and bases it can cover. Genuine first world problem and not going to go wrong either way really.

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