Prophet VS for UDO SUPER6

Sequential Prophet VS waves for use in wavetable synths — Starsky Carr

Not my waveforms, and they are paid-for, but 128 Prophet VS waveforms designed to fit the S6 - interesting. Especially when/if new FW comes to allow mix knob modulation - or more! :grin:

The comparison between the original VS and the new Behringer VS thingy was interesting.


I love these waveforms, they sound really great on the S6. Some have really nice lofi ring/crunch/artifacts, especially in the lower registers. I would have never thought the S6 could sound like that!

Is there any chance UDO can release these waves like groove synthesis recently did for the 3rd wave?
The conversion from USD to GBP makes the price on these not very attractive.

Also, I wanna say these waves are on waveedit for free. I threw them on my Squid Salmple once long ago. I’ve no experience converting for use on the S6 though.

You’re paying for the work the seller put in preparing them.

20 quid for 128 waveforms doesn’t seem bad, whatever that is in freedom money.

Yea I get that. I’m sure Starsky put in a lot of work and he makes great stuff. Converting to USD it’s only $25 which isn’t bad at all, but also isn’t nothing. Just asking if UDO would ever do something like give these to users to save us the expense like the 3rd wave team did.

If not, I get that too, I’ll probably just learn to convert them myself then.