Pack 3 Waveforms are now available


Nice anyone who’s tried them out got any thoughts?

Away from synths for a while…

They’re great! I think opened up a new timbral direction for patch creation, more glassy sounds, only had a little play but I’m excited to dive deeper. Thanks UDO!


Great news! Why do the waveforms appear quantized in this view? I thought they were 16 bit…

@modeswitching they are deliberately “de-res’d” for a “harsher” more “digital” sonic palate. In this regard they are “special application” and more for unusual and effects sounds. They will alias!


Ah that makes sense! Looking forward to trying them out.

Just tried shoehorning a couple into pre existing patches - they’re beautiful !

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Just echoing what’s already been said - these are really nice. Thanks!!

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