Let's share our custom waveforms! Here are 32 of mine!

So I made these waveforms from Serum and converted them to the Super 6 .ws6 format. Hopefully, these will breathe some new life into your synth while we await another update.

If you have any that you would like to share, please post them here!!


Thanks for posting these. Swapping waveforms on patches is always fun!

Absolutely! After trying for a while I finally figured out how to do it so now I’m on a converting spree!

Here are another 16 waveforms:


Here is another pack:

Thank you!
Here a patch created with one of your waveforms!
p1_New_Choir.s6 (35.6 KB)

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Awesome! I’m glad you are enjoying them! I’ll download this and check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Here is another pack of 16 waveforms:

Sweet! Gonna check these out. Thank you!

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Here is another 32 waveforms! There are some really cool ones in here that make great LFO’s too.

and here is another analog pack of 16 waveforms:

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Alright ya’ll, here it is. This is every Serum waveform for the Super 6. There should be about 140 of them. After choosing what 16 waveforms you want, you are going to have to change the file names when they are in the waveforms folder of your Super 6.

For example, if the waveform name is “Sawtooth.ws6” you are going to want to change the name of it to “w1_Sawtooth.ws6”. Then for the next one down it should be “w2_xxx.ws6”. Then “w3_”, “w4_”, etc all the way to “w16_xxx.ws6”.

The numbers designate it to the corresponding waveform slot. If you don’t do this the Super 6 will delete the files when you turn it back on.

Anyways, enjoy!!

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Thanks for the waveforms. How did you manage to create them, could you share the instructions please?

So I use Audacity to convert them to the correct format, but it’s rarely as simple as that. Many single-cycle waveforms are not at the correct length for the Super 6. For example, I had to trim most of the Serum waves. Here is the video I watched to learn how to do it.

If you want to make them from scratch you can use this website and then import them into Audacity to convert them.



Here is a new pack that I’ve converted. These are probably my favorite waves yet! There will be more incoming soon!


Hi Everyone,
I made some waveform Packs to use with the Super 6 from the DW-8000 and Kawai K3. They sound so good in the super 6. Even has the same filter as the K3!

DW-8000 Waveforms

Kawai K3 Waveforms