Problem creating my own waveforms…

I have been trying to create a new waveform for my super 6 based off of my JD-08 and have been unsuccessful. I watched Strasky Carrs recent video on how to do this, but when i load the file in to my super 6 it has a different file thumbnail, and after resetting the super 6 it disappears leaving an empty slot. I’ll go into detail all of my steps and you can tell me if I’m missing something…

  1. Sample the waveform at a rate of 4096 samples. (F0 down two octaves and 24 cents)

  2. Load the mono sample into Audacity.

  3. Normalize audio level and select the 4096 long sample

  4. Export as a Raw 16 bit pcm sample.

  5. Rename the waveform w1_.ws6

  6. Disconnected from a usb cable, i power cycle the super 6 while holding down patch.

  7. Drag the file into the alternative waveforms file and delete the one it’s replacing

  8. Power cycle the synth.

Thanks In advance!