More Waveform Storage Options!

I would love to have the option to access the same amount of waveforms as i am able to access patches. I think when we click the wave button we should then be able to use the buttons the same we do, and then get access to 128 waveforms! The user waves are my favorite feature and i hate changing them out on my computer.


As far as I understand this is not possible due to the amount of on board storage that the super 6 has installed. ?

Hmm. But can’t each patch recall the waveform it was made with, even if you delete the waveform? I feel like that means those waveforms are stored somewhere…

Patch files are self contained and include the waveform data for both dds1 and lfo1. Its only when you reassign a waveform from a bank it is modified.

Don’t get me wrong, my blue Super 6 is a thing of wonder! HOWEVER, it amazes me there’s only storage for 16 single cycle waveforms. Yes, there are work-arounds, that allow you to store extra waveforms in patches. They take up hardly any memory, that’s the thing. I had to dig out my old XP laptop, just to change a few waveforms, which is an absolute pain. It must be due to it not having a screen! My Korg Modwave has literally 1000s of single cycle waveforms, though digital filter, if that matters.

32 single waveforms. Doesn’t take too long to swap in a new set.

The Gemini will store them with the patches. That’s cool and better.

Super 6 also stores the custom osc and LFO1 waveform with the patch

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Hi, suggest a way to expand the waveform memory on super 6 is to choose a bank/banks of patches and store the init patch (or any) with a different waveform in each patch. These can then be recalled as starting points and the waves will be recalled also. I appreciate its not as flexible as being able to swap waveforms within one patch but it’s a way to expand the wave memory


So each patch saves a unique waveform not associated with the bank of waveforms? I suppose that’s quite useful as one builds up a palette of favourite INIT patches. I’ll give this a go. I somehow thought that the waves were linked to the bank of waves loaded. Thanks.