Not enough disk space

Hi all,

First post.
I’m refreshing my Super 6 as I bought it second hand, so updating firmware and restoring all the factory preset sequences, patches and waveforms. I am also trying to add the new second set of waveforms and patches that are on the download site here. I am finding there isn’t enough disk space for them all!

Are we supposed to be able to have both sets of patches and waveforms on the device at the same time? I am lead to believe we are as the synth can select from both sets.

I am doing it on a Mac. I have started from scratch by deleting everything on the drive, emptying the recycle bin and copying them back on - but there isn’t enough space! The disk reports it is 5.5MB in size.

Anyone else had this issue and know a way around?

Many thanks in advance!

Try this link here

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Perfect, thank you so much!

Switching the synth off in between the deletion and copying steps means I’ve never had to bother with the console stuff. Although I initially stumbled on this without realising that this power cycling was the key to success, so its good that there is documentation available that mentions that these days.