Better Mac file transfer support

Since Mac computers write extra files during transfer, updating the patches and the firmware on the Super 6 is a tremendous pain. I’m constantly running out of memory and having to use the terminal to search for and remove system files.

A very simple script would suffice to update the firmware, and an ultra basic program could suffice for patch exchange.

I believe all you need to do is empty your recycle bin after trashing the old firmware and patches. This seems to work for me.

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I’ve also run into issues with the S6 running out of storage space when transferring the latest files (below) from the UDO website via a Mac:

  • Firmware v0.30
  • Factory Waveforms
  • Factory Sequences
  • Factory Patches
  • Waveforms Pack 2
  • Patch Pack 01

Has anyone actually successfully installed all the above assets simultaneously?

In my experience, this is only true if you don’t have literally everything full. Using the Finder, I cannot, regardless of Recycling status, install all of these.

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Yes, but it has required me to go to Google and brush up my Terminal commands every single time. My experience on Mojave is that it is not possible in the Finder, but rather, requires Terminal, and it is a giant pain.

There is a utility on the Super 6 that cleans up the disk and removes system files. This runs on every power cycle and should remove system files and hidden files. (It will also remove your holiday photos if you keep them on the super 6 so be careful!)

You might on a Mac if you are going to do the entire disk at once (all patches, waves, sequences) have to do it in two stages with a power cycle in between

I will see if there is anything we can do to stop Mac putting the extra files on. Maybe there is a mass storage protocol for “small disk” that can inform the host like for “slow medium”


Thanks for the follow up.

The specific scenario I’ve had trouble with is when I’m trying to fill the machine (not even in one go). In the past, when filling all 128 presets plus all waveforms, etc., it takes 4-5 rounds of deleting the files via terminal.

I’ve not had time yet to try with a power cycle - thanks for the info, that may do it. I’ll give it a go this weekend and document and report back. I’ll make sure to remove my cookbook collection and photos of badgers before attempting.

I’m on Mojave still for stability, so that could, I suppose, impact behavior.

Also check that it is possible there are duplicates of some patches made, for example there may be two files p2_mypatch.s6, and p2_myotherpatch.s6. There is only just room for everything, so no duplicates are allowed if you wish to completely fill the disk