Can't upload or delete files from S6 Boot drive

So I updated my S6 to latest firmware V1.2 .
Reading the instructions it said to delete everything in the Super6-Boot drive in order to upload the new firmware into it, which I did.
There was an Init patch though, which I backed up before deleting it from the boot drive and now I can’t upload it back.
Looking into it further I realize I can’t delete files either, so can’t upload or delete anything from the Boot Drive or the Drive with the presets.
I’m on Mac OS Sonoma and when I do “Get Info” for the Super6-Boot or the other drive, the "Sharing & Permissions " section says “You can only Read”.
Anyone with suggestions about what to do?

Have you forgotten to hold down the correct button while switching on/booting the Super 6?

I don’t think so, the new firmware has been updated. The issue I described happened after the upgrade

I mean that if you want to put an init file on, you still have to do the thing where you hold a button during boot, in order for that drive to show up as writeable not read only.

Probably the shift button, but I forget so check the firmware update instructions for that bit in case I got the wrong button.

Oh I see, I dint know that…the Boot drive was showing up already and I assumed I would be able to drag the Init patch.
I just did the shift +turn on and it worked, so thank you is much for your help!!!
So now to upload new presets, how do I get the Super 6 drive to show up as writable? it shows up as read only and I can’t delete anything atm.
thx again!

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Hold down the patch button whilst turning on the S6… that makes the drive writable


Fantastic, thanks so much!

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On a Mac you need to enter the S6 boot drive , send the existing firmware to the Macs bin , then delete the bins contents , you are then free to copy the new firmware into the S6 boot drive. If this does not work email UDO support , from my experience whist trying to load V1 into my S6 using a MacBook Pro ( my S6 froze , all lights flashing , no way to load anything or even access boot memory , even turning it on / off did nothing , it was basically a door stop with flashing lights) UDO support were super helpful , telling me exactly what key commands to press in order to get my S6 up and running again . I am sure that they will assist you and anyone else with issues to get your S6 fully working within a couple of days.

Thanks Andrew, thanks to some of the member of this forum I was able to get things up and running. Updating firmware and patch management on the S6 is far from ideal to say the least .

Agree, updates and patch management using a MacBook Pro really sucks, there must be something UDO can do to make it easy - if Modal can do it so well I see no reason why UDO can’t , if you have not seen it go to Modal Electronics website and look at the Modal app - it just works regardless of Windows or Mac computer use and is mega easy to use plus does every thing , loading updates, sounds and acting as a fully functional editor / patch organiser etc.

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