The recent update has made certain patch slots inaccessible

Hello :slight_smile: I have just tried a few times to instal your new firmware and Mega patch bank but 1. It said there was not enough disk space to instal the full patch pack
2. some of the new sounds are there but a considerable number of patch slot are now broken. You click on them and the LED won’t light up
I have tried a factory reset which has restored some of the factory sounds but many of the patch slots are still unresponsive.

Any advice would be most welcome :slight_smile:

Apparently it has nothing to do with an update ; it looks like some sound files are corrupted within the Mega Patch bank : have a look here where it has already been discussed yesterday

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Yes, I am having this exact same issue but Im on Mac not PC.
Many of the patch slots are dead.
The update also ran out of disk space at the last moment.
Very interested to learn how to fix this!

As @kiolbo pointed out some files got corrupted during the export, compression or upload process, which explains why some patches won’t load properly. We are currently working on it and will re-upload the patch pack as soon as possible.

Finally, a general note: On Macs hidden system files are created when you copy new patches to the SUPER6 drive. There is a utility on the Super 6 that cleans up the patch drive and removes hidden system files with each power cycle. When you try to change all patches at once on the SUPER6 drive using a Mac, you will have to do this in two steps, since too many hidden system files will be created in the process of copying new patch files to the drive. We recommend to power cycle the unit in between, for example, after copying the first eight bank folders to the folder ‘patch_banks’.

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Thank you very much. I have been in touch with U.D.O support and received some great instructions to fix it.
My apologies for posting in the forum looking for tech support, I didn’t see the message saying contact U.D.O instead until after I had made the post.
Thank you all for your good advice.
Greatly appreciated, thank you


Just wanted to let you know that we have re-uploaded the Mega Patch Pack to our download site.


Great work, guys
thank you very much :slight_smile: