Wave scanning

Hi all,

I am probably not the first one with this request, but is it possible to implement wave scanning on the Super 6?

Not sure how the whole thing works but there should be enough computing power with the FPGAs shouldn’t there?

How are the odds to see this feature in the future? Possible at all? If so I think it is an obvious thing to do.



Don’t know if this is still relevant, but…

Yes they are static. That’s the point I was talking about. Hopefully there will be interpolation one day.

In the link it says it is or was possible.


Let’s hope it will come soon then.

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Extend DDS1 with a new waveform scanning mode, streaming the custom waveforms stored on disk.

Shift + DDS1 switched into alternative waveform position.

Activating mode will also copy ENV1 to be used for scanning through waveforms. A new copy of ENV1 can be set by re-activation. WAVE selector could be used to set the total number of waveforms to scan (up to 32).


Agreed. Smoothing should also be adjustable for this in case a steppy sound is preferred.


Don’t know what voodoo is at play but there’s a Jexus patch that sounds like wavetable scanning in action!

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Jexus probably has a delay running on the LFO

@udo-audio please, bring wavetables/wave scanning to the Super 6! :smile:

It seems like it fits in perfectly, there is already a perfect spot for it on the hardware interface. When DDS2 is not using the pulse waveform and Super mode is off, those 2 PW faders right in the middle are just sitting there unused.

And this is a feature that every single owner of a Super6 both keyboard and desktop can take advantage of. You already spent a lot of time building MPE support for a tiny subset of users who use an MPE controller, now please bring a feature for the rest of us!


Would be a huge upgrade for wavetable scanning on the Super 6! Please consider this with the next firmware update @udo-audio


+1 wave scanning would be great in the Super6 desktop’s small form factor

Super Gemini has interpolation between two DDS1 waveforms, perhaps can be added to Super6 too?