My firmware update wishlist

I love my Super 6, I think it is one of the most original new instruments made in the recent years.
And because I love it so much, I wish it had this few features added and updated - this is in no way critique, but a humble suggestion - huge thanks to the developers and manufacturers of this synth for making it as is in the first place.
Some things may not be possible due to the architecture and FPGA oscillators - just wondering if it would be possible to do the following:

  • DDS 1 and 2 mix as a modulation target - this was adressed by the manufacturer already in the thread “delay freeze” few threads below and I am super thankful for the detailed explanation
  • Maybe I missed something, but it would be great to have DDS 1 super mode AND DDS2 PW mod amount and width controlled separately (say, with shift) and possibly active at the same time
  • LFO 1 as a mod source - this would be a huge one. I know LFO 1 appears as a mod source for quite a few parameters, but it would be great if we could use its complex waveform as a LFO for any assignable mod target
  • allow Cross Mod choice between exponential and linear FM

I know it is easy for me to write, and only the developer knows how hard it was to put the instrument with so many new and unique features together in the first place, so I really hope they wont hate me after this:) I just want to say that even without these features, Super 6 is so awesome that I am contemplating getting another one, a desktop unit to pair it with my keyboard version.


@DDS please can you make sure these points get upvoted thanks! @Earlsfield78 we’ve had these requests before and it’s useful to have your input as well. This kind of feedback is gold dust to us because it’s qualified by real world users like yourself so thanks keep it up!

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We need that editor (maybe with Max4Live)!