New firmware update?

any progress on a new firmware update?


Same. I hope the mix knob as a mod destination is a priority.


Yes please.

I wonder why it wasn’t to begin with…? I have a crackpot theory and it is somewhere to do with sweepable wavetables.

And please introduce momentary shift function - it changes nothing but adds a lot of intuitiveness.


Chiming in. Definitely want to see the mix knob as a mod destination, full modulation depth of the VCA via LFO1 (for true panning) and reduced slewing / latency for the filter control.


Yeah, I’d like to see the mixer as a mod destination, the ability to fully modulate the filter envelope, VCA, and anything in the mod matrix, and I’d also like to see a way to do ‘true mono’ in solo/legato mode. At the moment, you need to be in one of the poly modes to do this.


Yeah I dislike the 50% modulation range limiting stuff.

I’d also like to control (remove) the smoothing that seems to be present. I had the Filter CC being modulated by a square wave in my DAW and the sound was rounded off - Im still hoping I made a mistake somewhere.


It is useful in certain scenarios (when you want finer control), but it’s a shame when you want to modulate further and can’t.

I made a feature request suggestion a while back for an “Extreme Mode” setting:

I’ve mentioned before that I think there should be a way to modulate the full 100% on the filter ‘ENV’ and also in the modulation matrix. I think a simple way to implement this could be SHIFT + Moving the ENV slider, this would put you in extreme mode, allowing the filter ENV, filter LFO amount, or modulation matrix to have a maximum amount of 100%, and pressing shift and moving the ENV slider would return to the default state. This way the synth would still basically functions the same, and any current patches would also sound the same, but the user also has the option to modulate further if they desire.

As for the smoothing of the filter, I’ll have to get back to you on that, as I haven’t tested it out.


Okay, I got a chance to have a look at the smoothing of the filter thing. There was definitely some smoothing going on when I modulated the filter CC with a square wave. It sounds noticeably different than using a square on LFO1 to modulate the filter cutoff. Again, this is something that could be cool in certain situations, but it would be great to have the ability to control it.

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You can also hear it if you just move the filter slider quickly. :frowning:


Cheers to all the above but MPE first please !

Numero uno:

  • Fix the voice allocation issues, revert to round robin and address “dead” voices on bootup

Then my short wishlist:

  • Separate/decoupled key track setting for Env1 and Env2
  • proper monorual sound in poly12 mode without phasing issues
  • Mix knob as mod destination
  • Real S&H/Square etc waves for LFO1, esp with with key retrig, without smoothing, slew or lfo delay/fade in
  • Less smoothing and lag in general, esp for fast parameter adjustments, cutoff, pitchbend, etc.

I have a longer wishlist for the sequencer, like adjustable gate length, etc, but that’s for another time…

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I believe that there already is a way to get proper mono sound for poly 1 and 2:

However, this only works for poly 1 and 2 modes. I think a great feature would be to make this possible for solo/legato modes as well.

I forgot to mention the bug where the sound engine fails and you need to power cycle. This seems like one of the more important ones, so I’m assuming it’ll be fixed with the coming firmware update.

I just want some of the bugs sorted. So yes, any ETA on the next update or what it will contain, from UDO?


Thing is, it’s fine to have it for the slider given the stepping that may occur (although it should at least be faster slewing) but it should only be after the physical slider and never after internal or external (cc) modulation. That’s where we are running into the real problem. So it’s like:
Slider > slewing > cc and modulation > cutoff value.

@udo-audio @DDS I have held back long enough, so now I have to say it. The long silences between firmware updates are harming, not helping the reputation of UDO. Especially if you want customers to purchase more of your products in the future. I can appreciate development takes time and you have limited resources, but when customers are publicly reporting bugs, and features like MPE are still missing after such a long time, simple messages of reassurance really do matter.

I purchased my UDO Super 6 in 2020 (approx. 1 year and 5 months ago), and I have waited patiently between each firmware release, hoping for that one bug to be fixed, or for MPE to be finally enabled, but now it becomes quite frustrating. Please give us an honest status update, so we all know where we stand.



Thankfully my Super 6 is not as silent as @udo-audio themselves.

I guess we can :pray: that an update comes around the time of Superbooth 2022, which is only a matter of days away. This would make sense, as often manufacturers use firmware updates to drive more sales. Let’s see.

2 firmware updates a year sounds about right for such a small company. There is much worse aftercare out there (mfb…) and the synth is in decent shape as stands.

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Yeah, would love to feel like the Super 6 is actually going to make it out of beta…

I think the concern is more about the lack of communication. A status update would be very appreciated, that way we at least know where we stand.

If not seen, George I presume chimed in here saying firmware is still in-progress Envelope 1 Attack/Decay Bug? - #3 by udo-audio

Of course any further details would be great too.