Super 6 Firmware v1.0 - Thoughts on the changes

Just confirming I have successfully installed the new firmware on my S6 desktop, thanks for your hard work Team UDO!

the DDS2 detune feels better around 0 as promised, velocity sensitivity of VCA feels better, lfo1 square sharpness I think sounds better - I was worried it would sound too clicky but I don’t think it does. These alone make it worth it for me.

Mix as modulation destination - how do other people feel about this? It wasn’t a feature I was demanding, so I don’t have a strong opinion, but do others like the implementation?

I tested it by having osc 1 be set to a saw wave at footing 16, and osc 2 be set to a sine set at footing 32 and detuned to -6, I then tried it with saw at 32, sine up at 8 and detuned to +6.
I tried it with both LFO2 as the note recommends, and ENV1 in loopmode modulating it.

My impression is that maybe the mix amount needs to be raised as it never seems to quite hit the point where only dds2 is playing, you can always hear a bit of dds1. even when using ENV1 with A and D on max, I never heard a point with only DDS2 sounding.

This can be ameliorated by raising the mix knob above 0%, but I found it has to be pretty near 50% to reach 100% (just DDS2 sounding).

It’s not quite the range I’d expect, but what do others think?


Just updated successfully, thank you UDO team/George for listening to us and constantly delivering! As for the mix pot as mod destination, this was my OG wish. I get that FPGA programming did not allow initially for the mix to be modulated, but this opens a whole area of possibilities. Especially if you use lfo1 as another oscillator.
However I notice some factory patches do not play the same. G 7 , that soft pad with lots of noise, now feels WAY faster when I play - I feel as if the envelopes were changed, although this was not the case - maybe RR affects this, although I do have Prophet 10 and I do not notice such drastic difference between RR and classic Prophet voice allocation.

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I’ve noticed it sounding fatter too. I noticed the tightening of the ENV as well. I’ve had good things to report here on a S6 desktop. Good program changes with MPC as well.


Has anyone tried how tight the midi sync is now playing the arp with external gear? Because with my Deluge it seems it is still out of sync

Its working tight here with a MPC Live 2 Standalone

interesting…I just tried it with a mpc live and it is somehow in sync but the first note always starts a little late. I put a hihat loop on a second track and the first note of the Super 6 arp will always start shortly after the first hihat hit but never directly on it.

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Was working nice and now its drifting. I just powered it off and powered it back up. Having same issue now, first note hits, but doesnt stay in time

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I am insanely pleased with the sound of the new firmware WOW, It sounds like a properly balanced gorgeous synth. I know the changes appear to be small but my god, unless it’s the old brain playing tricks again this is phenomenal.

Like I said in another post I now feel like I can open the default patch stick envelope modulation and a bit of velocity mod on and you have a gorgeous rich playable saw tooth patch, I didnt feel that was the case before. It sounds mesmerising almost like a Jupiter 8 or something and I actually like the basic wave shapes now weirdly even tho Im pretty sure those havent been touched


After updating when I turn the mix knob from hard left, my DDS1 pitch goes all unstable and wobbles about (same behaviour on DDS2 when turning from hard right)… I have tried tuning and resetting.
what’s happening!?
EDIT - it’s intermittent, sometimes changing a patch and cycling back to manual mode fixes it - but then it randomly comes back shortly after.

Has anyone else noticed that the chorus section is completely different with the new firmware?
Not complaining because I didn’t like the chorus before but it is so subtle now you can barely hear the difference when you engage the chorus. That is unless this is a fault with my keyboard

Works just fine in a large hardware driven setup with Octatrack as master sequencer.

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The arp timing onboard is definitely tighter. Sounds great.

I’m not sure if the chorus is different, but I have reported that I sometimes have noise/hiss on the left channel when the chorus is on. But after a re-start it is gone again.
As soon as UDO Audio can track it down, there will be a quick fix.

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I had sold my Super 6 a while back because of midi issues. (Playing midi from the DAW to the Super 6 made certain sliders/knobs stop functioning until a power reboot of the Super 6). Can anyone confirm if they had that issue and is now resolved with the latest firmware?
I’d love to buy one again.

I had this happen today.

@Hippertronics chorus causing hiss?

Yes, like a digital ‘dirty’ glitchy hiss, low level but audible in the left channel. Restart cleared it.

Persisted when changing patches - I didn’t investigate whether this was linked to the chorus - will do so when it next happens.

I just wanted to express my enjoyment and gratitude to the UDO team.
The Super6 feels very organic with the new adjustments. The sound design is a breeze and the new capabilities make it a premium instrument even more.
I made use of the new Osc mix modulation option. Also I like the spreading of the voices now. The adjustment of the vca velocity impact feels more organic.
Great stuff.


After a week of the new FW, I must say everything works just fine. No chorus issues, no tuning issues. I get some people feel that some patches sound thicker, but that is probably because there was no mix parameter before and now there is, probably thickening some patches. Other than that I cant really say anything changed sonically, tuning is better on DDS2, and maybe, just maybe super feature sounds more detuned, not sure really. I have just one more pending wish for the next fw - please make lfo 1 free - assignable mod source or just find the way to assign it to the mix.


I am sure its just the perception, I did AB comparison, really no changes sonically.