Firmware update - release date

Simple request - I don’t keep track of the updates as much as I should, but seeing when the update was released would be a great visual cue as to whether I should drill into the specifics.
i.e. Latest Firmware (V0.26) March 2021


Good idea. I’d also like a log for this so you can see when and what was added/fixed/changed.

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I think we Super 6 owners are all waiting with anticipation for the next firmware update. Especially as we wait for missing features to be added. I am now relying the mailing list update, or a message on this forum to indicate when the next update arrives. Common sense I guess :grinning:

What was added/fixed/changed in the last update is on the UDO website:

What is planned for the future firmware updates is here:

To be honest, it would be nice if there was bit more transparency from UDO in this regard. I mean for most people this synth is/was a significant investment, and so it would be good to know when we are likely able to use the unimplemented features such as: USB MIDI and MPE. I for one am very much looking forward to using my LinnStrument with this synth.


“looking forward to using my LinnStrument with this synth” … ditto

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I’m not in quite as much a rush as you guys, I have an Osmose on order and the current ship date for that is “mid-June”, but that’s the 2nd date I’ve gotten this year. But indeed, the MPE will be a big plus for me, when both my instruments are good and ready.


Hi there,
reg. missing features - will you solve the CC transmit limitation with the next FW? I’m wishful looking to record slider-actions in my DAW like changing FREQ… when do you plan to release the next FW?

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Apart from having overhauled how the voices are being handled, we are currently working on a firmware release that’s going to make the Super 6 a much better team player in the studio, which includes full MIDI control (CC and NRPN receive and transmit) and USB MIDI. However, at this point I can’t provide you with an ETA yet, but rest assured that it’s definitely going to happen.

Thank you for your patience.


Excited for this to be fully featured. Are we talking a few weeks, a few months? In a year or two? Curious customer here who’s like an update.

From four days ago, so unlikely to have changed:

I hope that MIDI over USB won’t cut short the current USB functionality. I love that it just mounts as a drive.


USB MIDI won’t affect the current USB functionality.


I’ve added and modified a couple of articles in our knowledge base so it now contains all the new features that have been added since the second revision of the manual:

Updating the Firmware

Selecting Alternative Waveforms for DDS 1

Processing an External Audio Signal

How to Use the DRIFT Parameter

Cross Modulation

Envelope Keytrack

Global Fine Tune

Synchronising the Rate of LFO 1 (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Synchronising the Delay Time (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Synchronising the Tempo to an External Clock Signal (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Patch, Sequence & Waveform Management

Changing the Init Patch

How to avoid clipping


One comment regarding:

It should be mentioned, that the SUPER6 filesystem allways contains the patch file content before the last power cycle.
So if one saves a patch, the changes do NOT immediately appear in the patch file inside the SUPER6 filesystem. One has to switch off and on the Super6 first.

Any more news on the next firmware update?


Same here. Maybe midi and mpe support has been troublesome developing on the fpga platform. Alex Ball previewed midi cc, and also mentioned it seemed to work properly, so I hope its near release.


Ditto. Patiently waiting. The Super 6 is indeed a wonderful synth. It creates beautiful sounds and I absolutely love using it, but the lack of updates on the firmware now starts to annoy me somewhat. At least some kind of progress update so we know where the next firmware release stands would be most appreciated.

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Many artists and “gear review specialists” have reviewed the Super6 and I remember no one who mentioned any of this bunch of firmware bugs that make this beautiful sounding synth absolutely unreliable.

So I wouldn’t take that too seriously. It’s just (self)advertising.

I hope the best for the next update but with every week waiting for it and running constantly into stability issues while playing while using the synth I come more and more to an inner conflict if that was the right choice.

Luckily I’m not a stage artist who would blame himself if the whole audience hears that he constantly is missing notes while playing.


Let’s hope they can finally deliver the initial promises. If we could just have usb midi, proper note handling and MPE most of all… not asking much more than this really. Don’t care of any of the wishlist requests outside this


Yep it’s been quiet for a long time now, and I hope there’s some news soon.



@DDS Any more news?