New firmware update?

We’ve been working very hard recently and we have a big new update with some great new features and many fixes and improvements. We’ll show it off at Superbooth. When we return it’ll go through some more testing then it’ll be out with you guys. George


Thanks for the update George! Just echoing the sentiments of this thread (and much of the forum members too I presume) - fully aware that the Super 6 is a heavy workload for a small team, but more frequent updates would put us all at ease a bit where possible. I love my S6 to the moon and back but the long silences definitely have me worried about ongoing development.

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Thanks for the update!

Finger-wiggling great to see you on Gaz Williams Superbooth video stream today! Exciting times indeed, but I’ll save my further waffling about that for another day.

Thankyou. Will be Linnstrument for me.

Havent watched this video yet but am looking forward to doing so:


Cant wait for delay freeze!

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Yes, but more or even regular info would keep people calm, also that they can plan with this and establish trust. At least I would feel better if I bought it very early and expected working MPE relatively soon.

Could seem a bit selfish I have to admit but also we live in synth heaven times where there is a lot of competition for manufacturers I could imagine.

George mentioned he was doing another live jam this year. Any vods of that up anywhere yet? :slight_smile:

I established my trust in the project when I paid my 2k. When I emailed them with some bugs etc they responded within 24 hours. Have they done anything to make you not trust them? I reckon just let them get on with it and they’ll let us know when its ready.


trust has nothing to do with it, I just want working voice allocation, etc, back that the latest FW messed up

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No they haven’t. But I’m not too happy about putting hardware out there and not providing proper firmware for it. But I guess that’s how business is nowadays.

I definitely see where you are coming from, but at the same time, I think we will end up with a better product because of it. It’s cool how they are incorporating feedback from the community.

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My FW works fine. I think for 0.30 it is very good. If there was a bug that entered either rollback or wait for the fix. It’s not like it has been abandoned.

There are much bigger companies that put out products with worse 1.0 FW.



That’s true.

I would say the one bug that really needs to get fixed is the one where the sound engine fails on startup. Luckily it’s a really easy fix (cycling power), but otherwise, I’m happy with it in its current state and glad to know that it will be improved upon.

I’d just like to mention i have a Super 6 and a Roli Seaboard Rise. If you need some beta testing for the MPE part, i’m more than willing to help :slight_smile: