Is mix knob modulation now in progress?

As in FW development wise?

I know if so it will be a good while out, but just curious to know. I know it is a complicated process. But this for me as a pad fiend this will open the synth right up.


“udo-audio liked this”

There’s been confirmation through the grape vine.

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I believe they mentioned in another post that they are working on it. I can’t remember exactly which post that is though.


Actually Osc Mix modulation destination is even in the latest manual, at page 96. But doesn’t work. Hoping it will. :slight_smile:


It will, and it’s really going to open up a world of possibilities and timbral shifts. Imagine affecting it with for example velocity, aftertouch or an envelope, shifting the timbre. I often make patches with noise as a modulator, and mixing in a bit of noise with the mix knob. Having this balance shift with dynamics would sound so expressive!

I’d also like to ask for a few possible additions in future firmware:
ENV to Pitch and PWM slider as mod destinations.
Being able to tap in a tempo, maybe in the shift menu.

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