Delay Freeze

Hi guys,
When can we expect the new FW update announced during Superbooth? It is amazing!
Delay freeze I mean.
And will we ever get the mix know modulation option?:slight_smile:


It’s been a bit slower than I’d like! MPE controller work is taken some time. We are in testing now. MIX as mod destination is solidly in the plan for next release after the imminent one


For general technical background, the reason it’s tricky to implement mix as mod destination (why I haven’t already) is that “mix” is really two analogue VCA’s with independent Cv’s. Each has a curvature applied for natural response, and applies the “drive” amount to the filter. The processing is done on the CPU, for it to be modulated, it all would need to be done on the fpga, and coding this is like wading through treacle! I do know what to do though and have already made a start so we’ll get there


Please also;

  • Revert to previous voice allocation method; round robin on each key press, incl the same key, and not the current weird Prophet 5-type

  • Individual ENV key tracking settings; ENV1 with switch, ENV2 with shift+switch


Thought there must be something in the nature/source of the oscillators, that doesnt allow for easy interpolation and volume blend, things you can modulate on say, Prophet 5,
Rev2 and pretty much any other synth with VCOs/DCOS and even digital sources with that type of architecture . I know this might be weird to say, but engineer in me loves the fact you have gone so boldly into FPGA. Keep on updating our beautiful Super 6 (btw I love the keyboard version in white).


Thank you for the elaboration, I really appreciate this kind of info even though I barely understand it!