One note HOLD fun with modulations and music video

Found the HOLD button and then twiddled for 10 minutes. No plan, no expectations, 100% fun.


Sounds great! It’s under reported how excellent the Super 6 is at making strange, beautiful sound worlds


Thanks, I agree, it’s a delight for soundscapes. It’s nearly all sweet spots for gorgeous and unusual sounds. with huge dynamic range and subtlety.

Good stuff. I love it for making drones and soundscapes. If you are judicious you can make some truly amazing tones and textures. I didn’t buy it for that reason but i’m pleasantly surprised by it’s capabilities in this area. With my Korg Wavestate and Prophet Rev2 I didn’t as inspired.


It’s not only easy, it’s hugely fun. The youtube compression doesn’t really do it justice, there’s quite a lot of beautiful metallic tones and deep, low frequency bass stuff going on in there. Nothing to do with any of my skills, it all just falls out of this synth almost effortlessly. The only thing I spent time doing was making a patch that allowed the SUPER 6 to show off. It’s an absolute joy just to play with. I don’t know any synth like it.


Sounds great. Can you post a link please?

Link is in the first post. Just tap on “Noises”.

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Ah, sorry, I skimmed through and was looking for a link type link :slight_smile: Yes, wow, awesome sounds

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Love it. Nice share!

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