The Super 6 makes me lose track of time

It’s alot of fun to program. The longest time I’ve spent on it uninterrupted was 10 hours. It’s the only hardware synth in my possession and I have it paired with a perfect companion in the Empress Zoia.

There always seem to be new tones and textures to discover despite heavy usage and lately I’ve been using it in mono instead of stereo so that I can craft some analog-style patches.

I purchased this for pads and it’s incredibly easy to do on the S6, but now I’ve ventured into a variety of other sounds.

I’d love to hear/read of the different ways you guys are using yours.


I’ve only made a few patches so far but they are surprisingly good since I’ve never made patches before.

Good thing with Super 6 is any existing patches you don’t like it is very easy to turn them into something interesting with some trial and error tweaking. There are lots of mono bass/leads patches I turned into very nice poly pads with minimal effort.