Some retro futuristic music on the Super 6

Got my Super 6 not too long ago, and I made this track with it. It’s very 80s, which I find that the Super 6 actually does very well, especially with the custom waveforms which makes it able to emulate some aspects of early wavetable synths and even some DX7-ish sounds.

All of the synth sounds are Super 6. Other than that I used a guitar and sampled drums. I was playing around with the custom waveforms and I got that Prophet VS-like pad in the beginning which just kind of set the whole mood. It was so much fun creating all these sounds on the Super 6! It is such a fun synth to program, and it’s full of surprises.


Yo man, that track is incredible. Thanks for posting. Really great mood to it, just listened on a loop for about 30 minutes.


Thanks, glad you liked it!

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