Some retro futuristic music on the Super 6

Got my Super 6 not too long ago, and I made this track with it. It’s very 80s, which I find that the Super 6 actually does very well, especially with the custom waveforms which makes it able to emulate some aspects of early wavetable synths and even some DX7-ish sounds.

All of the synth sounds are Super 6. Other than that I used a guitar and sampled drums. I was playing around with the custom waveforms and I got that Prophet VS-like pad in the beginning which just kind of set the whole mood. It was so much fun creating all these sounds on the Super 6! It is such a fun synth to program, and it’s full of surprises.


Yo man, that track is incredible. Thanks for posting. Really great mood to it, just listened on a loop for about 30 minutes.


Thanks, glad you liked it!

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Here is a new track in the same retro-futuristic style, a bit mellower and slower.
Still loving the Super 6 for this style of music!


Sounds amazing and so spacious and… binaural. :slight_smile: Especially the bell chime notes and pad from 2:03-2:28.

Was there additional processing/stereo enhancing done, or is this just straight from S6 into DAW then outputted? Whats your audio interface?

This is the most beautifully wide space I’ve heard from S6 yet.

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The S6 is just connected to the DAW via a Focusrite 18i8 interface. There was some slight stereo enhancing added in the DAW on that bell chime sound. But it also has some of that binaural swirl from the S6. I struggled to get that sound to punch through enough, the stereo enhancement helped a bit on that.

That heavy rising pad also has some stereo enhancement added in the DAW, but the other pads etc. are just from the S6. The triangle-ish lead has some stereo delay.

I’ve found that the S6 can be a bit tough to mix some times, so compression and EQ in the DAW has sometimes been necessary. Some times the HPF on the S6 has been enough, but it is often a bit too fixed (cuts too much low frequency).

What is interesting with the S6 is that because of the binaural sounds, it kind of leads (at least for me) to wider mixes than I was used to before. This time I also multi tracked the guitar with one on each side because it just fit well with that wide mix.

Here’s the result of some more fun with the Super 6! I was really pleased with the bass patch, it almost sounds like a bass guitar at times. The patch with those shimmering chords at the end sounded so nice too, I just had to include it.


@cerulean thanks for sharing this with us!

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