More driven Super 6 sounds

I figure I should start posting stuff here. Seems like most of the demos here are pretty clean and airy, and the synth does that very well. But I really liked some of the sounds George got in his SchneidersLaden performance, and my synth listening leans toward Alessandro Cortini, Rival Consoles, IDM, etc.

This one is running the Super 6 in mono. I made a drone by playing a bit into a Soma Cosmos, which I’m running in stereo. Then I play over it and modulate both. The LFO in the Super 6 is one of the wavetable waves, which adds some nice complexity.

This one, I’m using the Joranalog Filter 8 as a complex LFO, which I’m then using to modulate LFO 1, which is a square. I wasn’t careful with voltages, though, so the Super 6’s CV input is clipping off the ends, which is actually kind of cool. Super 6 in full super mode, and there’s a little reverb but it’s mono in the background to let the Super 6 do the heavy lifting on width.


This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it with us George

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Here are even more driven sounds. The Super 6 is accompanying a wavefolded harmonic oscillator in my Eurorack. Super 6 has super mode off, but in stereo, and is running through a Source Audio Aftershock that gradually gets hairier. If you just want to hear the Super 6 alone, that’s at the end of the track. I need to vary the keys these are in a little more.