Beefing up Super 6 oscillators thru Eurorack

When getting Super 6 as my first hardware synth I also had in mind a semi-modular synth. Instead of going that route I´m experimenting with building a eurorack where Super 6 provide the oscillators. I was surprised just how beefy the sound could be shaped through an external vcf and vca. In the test I´m routing the S6 oscillators thru Vult Vorg (MS-20 filter clone) and AJH Discrete Cascaded VCA + Contour Generators (Moog Model D clone). The audio is then routed to the computer into VCV Rack for some reverb and delay.

This demo is kinda crude and simple but demonstrates how beefy the Super 6 oscillators can sound when shaped externally. The Super 6 is in mono mode and set to 3 saw oscillators. The short initial clip is the oscillators directly into the computer while the rest is thru Eurorack.


Excellent sounds!

I’ve not touched mono mode much, but do you get a beefier sound when using the S6 this way?

Thanks! In solo mode I don´t think there is any difference besides the increased gain giving louder volume per voice. I assume the added gain is more useful when combined with the drive mode 2 for the filter. In this eurorack setup I use solo mode to get 1 voice like a mono synth.

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How did you get the pure oscillator signal out of the synth? There is no connector for that.

Correct, oscillators are just piped through all steps with vcf open and env2 fully opened with attack/decay at min & sustain/release at max. The left audio connector goes to a eurorack preamp module. The midi is triggering both the S6 and eurorack at the same time so the note come in sync. The poly 2 mode btw. also worked great for chords ala paraphonic.

Would have been nice if the S6 sequencer also generated midi. The I could control all the eurorack from the synth. I now have to use the DAW as sequencer.

Its an interesting though of using the S6 oscillator as a stereo source in this setup.

Here’s a quick example of Super 6 thru a ladder filter. There is also some filter modulation with an envelope follower. I loose a bit audio fidelity with this setup but I think the tradeoff is worth it. Been in monosynth mode for almost a month now :slight_smile:


This whole time never dawned on me, til now, that you meant mono mode as for the amount of voices and not mono mode as in removing the right audio jack which was the premise of my first question lol. Either way, these are sounding great!

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Hej Trond intesting thread. I like the creative use of the Super 6 with the external gear. It really sounds beefy as you say! Just replying to your comment, in 0,27 about to be released, we have added the option to allow the sequencer and arp to send out the MIDI notes as you suggest. Hopefully this will allow some interesting Eurorack integration!


Thank you, that will be fun to try out!

Had another go at Super 6 through eurorack. Here a pad is Super 6 alone while the rest is Super 6 oscillators going through a ladder filter and me knob tweaking while playing. I like the potential of this small setup even though eurorack are pretty much 1-shot takes.