Can Super 6 binauralize external synth?

Don’t have the cable but what would do the S6 do to an external synth? If you put it into binaural mode would it have the same effect as the internal sounds?

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I haven’t tried it yet either, but as the Binaural stuff can affect the VCF and VCA and the external input goes through both, I would assume it would indeed binauralize whatever you feed it. You wont be able to do the seven sister thing to it though, as that’s only on DDS1.

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The binaural spatial effects come primarily from the oscillators in super mode. However if you feed a mono signal in (needs to be on both tip and ring), you can effect it in stereo with the filter and amplifier, and the LR phase control will affect these allowing auto panning and stereo movement


Would the same go for stereo in? For example, I have a prophet Rev2, and that has the standard DSI voice panning, which pans individual voices left and right. If I sent that into the the Super6, would that be able to be effected in stereo the same as a mono signal?

Yes it’s stereo in stereo out

I found a cable finally. But I can’t increase the external volume by pressing shift and turning the mix knob up. Strange. I remember doing this before with no problems months ago. Tried an INIT patch,

What is the problem? I am on 0.3 FW.

I hear the Novation Peak audio but can’t control it the way the manual describes… when I press shift and turn the mix knob you no longer hear OSC 1. But the volume of the Peak starts the same.