Envelope 1 to VCF issue in binaural mode

Hello :wave: First post here.

I received my Super 6 earlier this week after over a year of listening to demos and reading everything I could find online. It’s such a beautiful instrument.

However, I noticed an issue that I can’t figure out how to solve.

When in Binaural mode - if I use Envelope 1 to modulate the VCF it doesn’t behave as expected. Every few notes I play don’t follow the rest of the filter/envelope settings. These stray notes sound completely unfiltered and end up on the right side of the stereo field. It’s quite jarring when setting up a soft pluck sound - every few notes play like they have completely different settings and the VCF is fully open.

If I use Envelope 2 to modulate the VCF this issue doesn’t happen. Also if I switch out of binaural mode the issue goes away when using Envelope 1.

I get the Envelope 1 issue with all binaural settings including the mono modes which basically makes patches sound like they only play in the right part of the stereo field.

I’m on firmware 0.53, have done the factory reset and run the filter calibration. I emailed UDO support a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back yet.

Has anyone else had the same issue as I’m having or do I have a hardware problem and need to return the unit?

An update for anyone that read my post.

UDO support got back to me and it turns out there was a faulty voice card.

Retailer sent me a replacement unit and now everything works perfectly! What a wonderful synth to get lost in for hours :slight_smile:

Thanks for that update. I think I’m getting a similar problem to yours, but opposite: my modulations only fail to perform when in 12 voice mode.