Filter not working on one voice

Hey guys,

Anyone experienced this? The filter isn’t working for one voice.

It looks like a hardware filter issue with one of the voices because the key that’s bypassing the filter seems to be every 6th note in binaural mode, or every 12th note with binaural mode off.

I’m resorting to posting here as I urgently need this fixed - I emailed support 11 days ago but haven’t heard back, chased them up too. I use the synth on every production and now have labels waiting for revisions which I can’t make.

I’ve globally reset the synth twice and it makes no difference. Happens on the init patch and presets.

Any ideas that might help other than it being physically broken?


DId you try to tune the filter by pressing shift+tune? Not a high probability that it will help, but just one idea.

@soundslikeash I’ve kicked supports rear on this, no one should have to wait. We’re not in until Monday but message again to - we can hopefully get you sorted from a distance I will remind them first thing Monday also. Email me direct if you don’t get a response Monday thanks

Thanks George, just got an email! :slight_smile:

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