Audio In Ghost

I started using my virus as an Audio In source, a great combo! However, no matter what input signal I always hear a very faint version of it panned hard right that is unaffected by the filter, so even at cutoff 0 I still hear it. Is this common behaviour?

You should email support. I’m curious as well since I’ve wanted to run some recorded waves through the S6. Let us know what they say.

Just heard back from support, UDO were able to reproduce this behaviour at higher volumes and they have put it on their bug list. Speedy and thorough response, really impressed with the customer service.


thanks for the update!

I found the same annoying ghost sound. What I discovered is, try a different patch! It just works, don’t ask me why. It’s obviously a bug, but who cares? Another tip is to adjust the amp envelope of your Audio In synth to be similar length to Super6’s envelope. That way, your 2 sounds blend better into a single tone colour, not disperate sounds layered together. It’s a lot of fun. I’m using an old Roland JD synth, which sounds great through the analogue filter.

Two other points were omitted. When you adjust Audio In level (Shift+Mixer knob), as it’s in Pass Through mode, turn Mixer knob fully anti-clockwise before setting it to around 3 o’clock. It always distorts set at max. Secondly, if the Voice Assign button is on one of the mono modes, oscillator DDS1 plays multiple random notes. Audio In + DDS1 works set as Poly 1 or Poly 2.
DDS 1 is much louder than Audio In, especially Saw and Square, so adjust Mix knob accordingly. A compressor on the input may help, not tried it yet. Processed Mellotron tape string sounds are fantastic.

Thanks, yeah it seems this issue pops up every time I make a patch from initialise. I’ve also found Poly 2 to be much better if playing external synths through the S6 as it doesn’t gate the audio

Hi plas, Glad that helps. Poly 1&2 are covered in the Owners Manual. There’s a large number of problems, issues and bugs reported on this forum, which may be buyer’s regret. I just love this synth, I mean, it sounds massive. Its sound is Record Ready, just as it is. That bass is like an earthquake and it does so many amazing timbres. I can only guess how many lines of code they had to write. Even if they never did any software update, it would still be perfect.

I’m playing my Super6 from an 88 note stage piano, which works beautifully.

Oh yeah I love mine too. I definitely don’t have buyers regret, maybe a little buyers anxiety as it was a sizable investment. I’m patient for the bugs to be ironed out, we’re still in beta after all.

Hi plas, It’s very quirky, that’s for sure. After spending a few more hours on Audio Input today, it’s much clearer to me. Inputing audio from the stage piano, it’s necessary to balance Mixer, Master Volume and piano’s level knob to obtain enough volume without distortion on big chords. Compressor on accoustic piano sounds eliminates the attack transient, making an accoustic grand sound like a House Piano. That said, processed synth sounds appeal to me more, while just using the mixer to layer sounds can be more pleasing. They’ll have to prise the Super6 out of by cold dead hands!

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