Audio Out Issue

Suddenly this happened : as soon as I connect my Super 6 Desktop via TR 1/4 Audio cables to anything the sound gets damaged - I mean I only hear a kind of a sinus wave and crackles. Loading patches or the innit sound doesn’t change anything.
It happens as soon as I connect one of those cables to a destination - it doesn’t matter if it´s the right or left and the destination doesn’t matter as well.
I tried different cables, different inputs on my Motu interface, I even connected them to the output of my Matriarch - the outcome is always the same: no usable sound.
I already reinstalled the firmware (the latest 0.53) as well as all of the patches etc.
I did the “manual” reset.
Did anyone have a similar issue? Seems like a kind of a hardware failure :frowning:

Hi @Dalil, welcome to the UDO S6 forum. You my have already tried this, but have you plugged the synth into a different physical location? Sometimes interference can come from unexpected places. Might be worth experimenting moving the synth around to see if it behaves any differently based on where it is physically plugged into power. Also, how is the sound when using headphones?

Hi @JimmyM thank you for your answer.
The headphones sound behaves the same: as soon as I plug an audio out cable into anything (literally any physical location: any input on my sound card, any input or output on my Matriarch or even the headphone jack on my MacBook or audio in on Super 6 itself) the sound cuts off and this hummy, buzzy, sine wave like low volume sound begins. I tried as you suggested a different power location, unfortunately still the same. I will send the unit back to Thomann :frowning:

The thing now is: it happened suddenly out of the blue. It was working before for some days. Now I am a little bit frightened to get an other unit of that same synth because what will I do if it would happen again but much later when I am out of warranty?!

I can say that I have owned two Super 6s, one that had to get sold in a studio clear-out and one that I own currently. I have never experienced any problems either with them and I was one of the first folks in the US to end up with a non-review unit, more than a year down. I also find UDO Support to be really responsive (under a day, every time) and would totally believe they would back up a product/repair, although I defer to them on the policy (@udo-audio ).
Hope that gives some peace of mind!


I send my unit back to and ask for a replacement. I will give Super 6 another try because I love the sound of it and the hands on controls. I definitely would like to know from UDO what can I expect when such a problem occurs and I am out of warranty…how much will such a repair cost?