Update problem...the synth

I tried to update

And it is stuck that I turn it on…

I turn off and on again…each time it turns on differently but stuck
The synth is frozen
And doesn’t let me get into the computer connection mod

Best to contact UDO direct:

I wrote to support as well
Hope they get back to me soon…

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Did UDO support sort out your problem? if so what did you have to do to get your S6 working?

Have you checked this topic : Super 6 desktop not booting up after updating to .53
May be it is the same issue. The user resolved it.

The synth is brand new from the store….
So I returned to their store and they exchanged me for a new one….:blush:

Now everything works great in the new synth

Thanks for the response…
Shay dan

We met with the Israeli distributor yesterday and he confirmed you had been sorted out. Happy to hear

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