UDO Super 6 Down

I love love love my Super6.

It went down yesterday with no sounds, waves or sequences. There is a tiny bit of electronic noise when turning the volume knob up. I tried reloading the OS and patches. No result. Any advice?


Got this today from Mike at UDO offices, who just returned from X-NY holidays.
First of all, here are a couple of questions:

  1. What was the last thing you did with your Super 6 before it started behaving like this?
  2. What firmware version do you have currently installed?
  3. Could you send me some screenshots of the Super 6’s patch drive (mounted as SUPER6 on your computer) showing if the patches, waveforms and sequences are present.
  4. What happens when you load the init patch (SHIFT + MANUAL)?

Excellent service. Will keep y’all updated on the resurrection of this beastly beauty.


Well - after all that - it was the local control button that I hit accidentally. Bows head in shame. Here is what I got from Mike at UDO central.

Thanks a lot for the screenshot. Do the bank folders stored in ‘patch_banks’ (a1-h2) as well as the folders ‘waveforms’, ‘alt_waveforms’ and ‘sequences’ all contain patch, waveform and sequence files?

And a couple of more questions:

  1. Did you ensure that local control is turned on?
  2. Can you technically select different patches, i.e. is the synth or are the controls behaving normally aside from no sound being heard?
  3. Does the current behaviour change if you unplug all MIDI cables (MIDI DIN and USB)?
  4. Does the Super 6 make a sound when you use the headphone output instead of the main outs?

You may also send me a video of how your Super 6 behaves after you turned it on, including the audio of the “tiny bit of electronic noise” you described in your first message.

Kind regards,