Super 6 bricked?

Hey All:

Has anyone had this happen with their unit? I’ve had mine since they released, so been a couple years now mostly without issue (sometimes a patch won’t load right and i’ll have to switch back and to, other times midi notes would overwhelm and I’d have to restart the machine). Last night and ever since, when I powered on my S6 the red light on the black A button (the button with LF01 above it and Midi Ch/W9 under it) holds initially, then all lights on the entire front panel start flashing on and off endlessly. No sound, no response from any front panel controls. I’ve tried rebooting, swapping power sources, starting up in boot mode with Shift held down, starting up with Manual held down. Nothing.

This happy to anyone, anybody have ideas? Hoping my S6 hasn’t bricked. I’ve contacted UDO support but it’s the weekend so figured I’d ask here as well.

Thanks everyone.

I bricked my Super6 when trying to update the OS. It was scarey, I can tell you. What I realise is there’s 2 different thingys for uploading to the synth. One is for your patches and single cycle waveforms, and the other just for uploading your new OS. The User manual kind of says this, but could be more clear and explain it properly. Hope that helps, I do find everything Tech a pain, but that’s the world we live in, and it is a lovely sounding synth, for all its bugs and quirks.

My issue is it doesn’t even show up in my computer anymore, and the panel is non-responsive. I’ve tried three solutions so far from UDO, nothing helped.