Super 6 starting up with no patch lit and no sound

recently bought a super 6 used. Worked totally normally at the sellers place, and when I got home. Installed the new firmware on it (1.2), and saved a patch for the first time since purchasing it.

Now, when I turn it on after it’s been sitting for some time (could be days or hours), it does the normal startup sequence, where it shows the firmware version via the number/letter buttons. then the patch button lights up, but no number/letter keys light up. In this state, there is no sound and none of the buttons will respond. I get around the issue by power cycling the unit multiple times, It seems removing the power cable has something to do with it as well although I’m not sure.

to troubleshoot, I’ve refreshed the firmware, and removed the init patch.

I am using a Mac for the firmware update, but I’ve ensured the trash has been emptied, and I’ve ejected the disk before disconnecting.

has anyone experienced this?

Edit: one detail I forgot to add. The first time this happened. The patch I had saved had reverted. But when I flashed the firmware again it came back.

Check if LOCAL is on (shift + button E)

I’ll check this next time it happens, but none of the buttons or controls seem to respond when it’s in this state.