Firmware update fail

I was trying to update the firmware to the newest version. Following instructions I moved the ‘xos_v0.53.bin’ to the boot disk after deleting the previous firmware. After this I removed the USB cable as adviced. I might have forgotten to eject the boot disk first :grimacing: After this I booted the Super 6 and now all the leds are blinking. There was no mention of this in the instructions and it won’t help to reboot. Also turning it on while holding SHIFT will only bring me to the same situation. Please help!

Hi there. A similar thing happened to me, but don’t worry it was easily retrievable following advice from the support team. IIRC it was a simple case of holding the arpeggiator ‘MODE’ button for few seconds to force the unit back into bootloader mode, followed by a further power cycle and then recopying the firmware over. However, I would contact UDO support in the first instance as they like to trouble-shoot methodically with you before issuing instructions, which may be different for your case. I think you’re right about needing to ‘eject’ the disk to be certain everything has been copied over - I don’t think the instructions emphasise this step, but I will certainly be doing it religiously from now on.

Thank you for the reply. I also sent a message to the support but since it’s the holiday season they will probably answer next year :slight_smile: I also noticed someone posted a topic of a similar behaviour and there was a link to some solution in the comments… anyway good to know there is an easy way to fix it.