Udo super 6 firmware fail

I tried to Put in the new Firmware. Started the Udo while Holding Shift. The Bootdrive came Up. Deleted the .bin File.
After that the USB Connection got lost.
When I Turn in the Udo now, after a few Seconds all Lights are flashing Red.
I cant do anything anymore. No Bootdrive, No reset (Manual Button for five Seconds) possible.
Is there a way to fix this?


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Hello Ohad - as a fellow user, I’m waiting for the new Super 6 Firmware, but according to the UDO-Audio site, the current firmware still shows 0.53 which has been around for quite some time and also, in my case, following the installation instructions, everything went smoothly… so, I’m wondering did you by mistake download and install the Super Gemini firmware on Super 6?