Super 6 no leds while turning on

I tried to Put in the new Firmware.
Started the Udo while Holding Shift. The Bootdrive came Up. Deleted the .bin File.
After that the USB Connection got lost.
then When I Turned on the Udo after a few Seconds all Lights are flashing Red.
after that i was reading online that i need to hold mode button while i turn on.
tried that and now nothing happens while i turn on the synth! no leds! i can see on my interface it does making some on and off sound but nothing happens… please help me…
i hope there is a way to fix this?

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Oh, shoot! I have done this before (don’t worry, it is fixable) but I can’t remember how to fix it - reach out to UDO support - they are awesome. Just remain calm! Sorry that happened. They fixed me straightaway.