Super 6 standby mode?

Hi I’m new here and only had the super 6 desktop for a month. Often it has only two lights lit lfo1 and lfo2, nothing else lit and no sound. is it in standby or something? At the moment I’m rebooting when it happens as I don’t know how to wake it up?

I just let my desktop on for a while and I have never seen what you experience.
No standby mode mentioned in the manual either.
I guess that nothing is happening when you press other buttons or move sliders…
Did you try with your desktop completely disconnected (I mean mainly Midi wise)? Is it the same?
Did you contact UDO support to ask them (always the first thing to do :wink: )?
Curious about what it can be…

I have contacted UDO support and it’s going back to be repaired. Mine was sensitive to vibration so I think it may be a dry joint or loose connector, maybe the o.s. shuts it down when it knows something is physically wrong?

Ok! Not good but good. Yes, it was definitively not “sounding” normal…
Hope you get it soon back!
You couldn’t get a replacement from the store? I mean, for one month you should have got a new one I think.

It was a returned item so kind of second hand, I had 14 days but xmas got in the way!
Sometimes you need to let a synth settle in. I bought a Prophet 10 3 days ago but it took more than 24 hours to settle, at first it sounded awful but lovely now. Now I’m lusting over the Gemini, I hope they bring out a blue Gemini one day.

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