Issue with Super 6 Desktop

So yesterday I powered on my Super 6 Desktop and for some reason it’s having a weird volume issue where it’s cutting in and out. Also it just sounds a bit off. Not sure if reinstalling firmware or something will help? All other audio is fine, it’s happening with any midi source. I reset it by holding the manual button for 5 seconds and turned the power off and on multiple times. Hoping there’s an easy fix, I want to create with it so badly! Thanks for any help!

As of last night this problem is resolved. It was the “pumping” of the sound. Apparently using the windows driver in Ableton all of a sudden gave me the issue. It was fine just a couple of days ago. I hadn’t been using ASIO4ALL because that’s been giving me issues with Ableton overall, but using it solved the audio issue with the Super 6.

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