No audio output from Super 6 desktop

Hello, new Super 6 desktop owner here. I’ve been emailing with support on this, but wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem.
I’ve had the synth for a few weeks, every was working perfectly. I moved it to a new location in my studio, connected it back up, and since then cannot get any audio out of it. The only thing that changed is that it plugged the USB connection into my Mac. It shows up like it’s supposed to on the computer and everything. I’ve of course tried all the obvious things such as cables, different inputs, etc. The only audio that comes out is a slight crackle in the headphones when I turn the volume up and down. Thanks for any help!

Turn off/on once or twice.

My Super6 has this issue as well. I’ve been emailing with support to debug it.

Mine problem has been solved. It started working when I removed my vesa mount. I guess the screws were too close to the 10mm it says. I added a few washers and now it’s fine.

That is interesting. My issue started when vesa mounted. I’ve since taken it off the vesa mount and it still persists.