Desktop vesion No audio output/glitches!


I´m 3 days into my UDO desktop and unfortunately I have some problems with the output not working.

Sometime after turning the UDO on there´s no audio from the output or headphone.
I will need to do a turn off/on to get the audio back, sometimes I have to do it 2-4 times and if it´s not working, leaving the UDO turned off for 5 minutes.
I also have experienced the audio stopped working while surfing the presets, changing to manual mode didn´t solve this.

I know a fellow desktop user has had similar problems and I messaged UDO about this too an hope they will get back to me in the coming week. Hopefully it´s just some firmware bug or fix, but I was wondering if any other users have had problems with the desktop?



That might have been me. It was merely an issue of the power supply not being fully pushed into the power socket on the back of the S6. I would pull it out and push it in again firmly while the S6 is off.

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Thanks for your reply.

The problem that I’m having is already known by UDO and hasn’t anything to do with the power cable. A user from another forum has been in touch with UDO and they are working on it.
It’s not a hardware thing but to due with software, I was told, so I shouldn’t worry too much!