Udo audio issue


my UDO is not outputting any sound. Not even doing the Tuning procedure. What could be? Not even from headphones


I have had problems with audio output as well and have been in contact with UDO.
They told me that it´s a software problem since FW 0.27(they are working on it) so there shouldn´t be anything wrong with your hardware.
I don´t know anything about the tuning though!

@rawmt - did you ever get this sorted? Mine started exhibiting this behavior recently, too.

This issue has been fixed with the firmware candidate we’re currently working on. It will be released very soon along with some other improvements and new features. We’re at the last stages of beta testing.

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@DDS thanks! i can’t wait to get my synth back :wink: The sooner it comes, the better

Hang in there. The emergency team is on its way.

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I hear some people already got the beta FW?

Yes, release candidate is being tested. Release date: this Friday. You heard it here first. Well, actually no, because we just sent out the announcement.