Case report: Volume knob stopped affecting the volume on my Super 6 Desktop

I don’t know how valuable it is to post non-reproducible examples here, but I just wanted to report this somewhere and see if anyone have experienced anything similar.

Yesterday, when playing with my desktop version of Super 6, and after sending some midi data to it from an Elektron groovebox I believe, it got stuck in a mode where the master volume knob didn’t affect the volume at all. I could turn it all the way down and all the way up; it still played at the same volume. It wasn’t until I power cycled the device that normal behavior resumed.

Have anyone else experienced the same bug?

Yeah, I had that once or twice too, but I didn’t remember what I was doing before, it just stopped responding. it’s digitally controlled, so it could be a bug as well, coming up in some specific situations…

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Hi, I have the same thing but with all the buttons and fader: I have to restart it regularly to recover the controls… ;o°

Yes, I’ve had that happen several times as well. I guess the volume-fader-unresponsiveness-bug is just a subset of a larger nothing-freaking-works-bug :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the same Issue here as well. Also have had bugs where I move slider and they are doing nothing.

For those of you who’ve experienced similar type of problems, do you use MPE controllers? I’ve heard theories that the synth might get flooded with midi information from these and more or less shut down. That probably don’t explain everything, but it could account for some part of it maybe.