Voices going silent when using MIDI in

This is just an anecdote since I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably yet, but I’m posting it anyway in case someone has experienced this issue too.

I recently hooked up an external sequencer (OXI One) to the S6 and randomly hit a bunch of pads that triggered chord variations. The voices on the S6 soon went silent one by one and I had to reboot the synth to get them back.

After reboot, I did the same thing, and after a few seconds, the S6 went silent again.

I do not know exactly what MIDI messages the OXI was sending at the time. I used a midi monitor to find out but then couldn’t reproduce it anymore. I was hitting high notes when it happened, so maybe it produced an out-of-range error somewhere.

Hopefully, I can give you some more details later, but for now, I conclude that there must be a bug somewhere in the MIDI input handling.

Don’t let this delay the new firmware release though. I’m very much looking forward to that! :slight_smile:

I also have the Super 6 go silent when sending MIDI. I use an MPC Live 2, set to Chord mode, when I go super high say g8 or something its goes silent on me. I had to reboot it a few times to get the sound back. I can reproduce it every time. I need to let the good hard working folks at UDO know.

Love the synth!!

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I think I’ve experienced it today as well. Love this synth as well!

Everything is back on track. And we are pumping Fire!