Midi Out not working

I can’t get midi out to work at all, I am trying to use the keyboard as main controller for my DAW (Ableton). I know the cables I have plugged in are fine as they work on other devices both in and out.

I have tried the MIDI out directly to other synths MIDI IN and other midi interfaces but can’t get any signal.

I think this could be a hardware issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there some setting I have missed? Is there a known issue?


If you are running midi out from the S6 directly into another piece of gear’s midi in and still having issues, you may ha e a problem. I would try cycling the power fully and perhaps reloading the firmware. If you are still having issues, contact UDO.

I have the same problem … no MIDI data comes out of the super 6. Tried to reinstall the firmware 0.27 again but doesn’t work.

Any of these been tested?

I had a couple issues which I have resolved now. Steinberg Midex 8 is not compatible with the OUT from UDO, I had to use a different device to see it working.

Preform a loopback test to see if there is an issue. This would require you to plug a MIDI cable from the IN to the OUT and turn off LOCAL (Shift → LOCAL [Patch Button E]).

(If the LED of the LOCAL button is lit after you pressed SHIFT, the Super 6’s keyboard is connected to the internal sound engine. If the LED of the LOCAL button is not lit, the Super 6’s keyboard is disconnected from the internal sound engine.)

This will make it so that the Super 6 doesn’t listen to the local keyboard, but it will still send out MIDI note messages. When the OUT is plugged into the IN, it should still control itself.

If that works then the issue is somewhere else. If it doesn’t then contact support.


Thank you for all this good idea. I will check them in the next days and write back.
What I tested:
-same midicable and same midiinterface tested with Moog Grandmother … there the MIDI out works fine (super 6 does not with the same setting)

  • TX/RX E and MIDI channel double checked (1 + 2 stable light, 3 once stable and also flashing … unfortunately no MIDI out of S6)

What I will try out:

  • Global Reset (have to check out how in the manual)
  • the trick with the loop over LOCAL

… the Global reset brought nothing for a functional MIDI out.
Then I pluged the loopingtest over LOCAL. And almost unbelievable …there is MIDI OUT!

I resume…

  • the MIDI out of the Super 6 is very weak! There is not enough 5V power for some devices.
  • Not working in combination with passiv MIDI devices like «MIDI Solutions Merger»
  • Not working as a direkt plug in device for the Squarp Pyramid Sequencer

What is needed?
Under the above circumstances you need a active merger like the «Kenton Merge 4»

I have many modern and old audio MIDI devices and every of this devices works fine in combination with passiv MIDI Thru / Merger. It would be welcome U•D•O Audio would revise the MIDI Modul or the firmware of the Super 6.

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Thanky you maxalien … your hint helped me to find the problem.

Cross post since this is one of a few relevant topics I referenced in my own research. Hope that’s okay.

To add to the record and hopefully help others with their troubleshooting; My new S6 -replacing my previous master keyboard- was not transmitting its MIDI Out data into my MPC 2500. MPC was sending just fine into the S6 but nothing registering into the MPC. Went through a lot of steps trying to isolate the issue between the S6 and MPC, in the process I hooked up the S6 MIDI out directly to the MIDI in of my previous master keyboard, which the S6 was able to trigger. Strangely enough, taking the Thru from there to the MPC provided the workaround. Disconnected my Kenton Thru 5 to put that in between the S6 and MPC are still working correctly now, albeit still a workaround of course and I’ve ordered a second MIDI thru 5 to keep passing on the data for now. I’ll also log a ticket with support.