UDO as master keyboard

Hello everyone!
I purchased an UDO super 6, and i’d like to use it as a master keyboard with my Squarp Pyramid, since it’s my best keybead, though it doesn’t work when i plug it to Pyramid’s midi in.
If i plug the midi out of the Alpha Juno, with same cable and same project, pyramid receives notes, but when i connect the UDO, it doesn’t.
Even more strange, if i connect the UDO to my midi interface in the computer, it does work straight away, so i’m pretty confused.
Everything is correctly setup in Pyramid, and as i said, using the Alpha works with the same setup…
Used the same cable with both the UDO and the Alpha, and the computer, so no cable issue either.

Have to say, the UDO, as much as i love it, it’s pretty buggy, and i never had any midi bugs with Pyramid, so i’m assuming it’s somewhat related to the SUper 6

Any clues??

Try different MIDI channel numbers, maybe Pyramid will listen to only one channel number while your Pc interface will listen to all of them

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Yeah that’s also one of the first things i checked, but nothing changes. I could use any channel on other keyboards.

Anyone with a Super 6 and a pyramid could chime in??

If you have something like MIDI-Ox you could maybe compare the MIDI output of the Roland and the Udo, see if anything stands out.

I tried using the Super 6 as my main keyboard, with a MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller to re-channelize the outcoming MIDI from my Super 6 (since you cannot independently change the output and input MIDI channels). Bizarrely, the Super 6 would not power up my MIDI Solutions box nor pass MIDI through it. Infact the only way I could get it to work is to put it in a loop in my Mio MIDI interface (so: Super 6 —> Mio Interface In1 —> Mio Out2 —> MIDI Solutions Controller ----> Mio In2 —> rest of gear). I used to have a Pyramid and never ran into any issues with it receiving MIDI, even from my Ensoniq EPS so I kind of doubt that’s the problem. I’m gonna go ahead and spew some very hypothetical bullshit that does not have any technical basis or research to back it… but my theory is that in some way the Super 6 does not send “active” (as in electronically) MIDI information out of it. Who knows though. I gave up and got an Arturia Keylab to supplement my needs.

I only own one decent sized keyboard and that’s the S6, so it will have to be my master keyboard, but I’m not even gonna try it until USB MIDI and controller sends have been implemented. Hopefully soon.

I’ve only tried the Super 6 to control a Rev 2 module and that works fine so, alas, cannot shed any light on this problem although I also want to use it to control other devices.
Would be useful if one of the team could chip in.

It’d definitely be great if someone from UDO would chime in, or someone with a Pyramid…

I’ve not seen anything odd about the midi out of my Super 6.
I echo what was mentioned earlier in the thread to midi monitor Super 6 and compare it to your Roland and see how/if they differ.

Is there any equivalent to MIDI-Ox for mac?

Not used it myself but maybe this one:


I think that’s the one I’ve used but it’s been a while.

I use snoize: MIDI Monitor for midi monitoring on mac, and it’s great.

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UDO don’t offer tech support on this forum. You need to email support@udo-audio.com

That’s what I use as well.

I finally contacted UDO because i have a lot of bugs going on, many of them are not covered here, so i’m starting to think i have a somewhat faulty unit.

Patch disk won’t mount on computer, i follow all steps but it doesn’t work, OS disk loads correctly though. Appart from that, the unit skips not when playing from midi sequences and some weird stuff like that…

Have you sorted this issue out yet ?
I have a pyramid , as yet not tried it .
But will do tomorrow if the latest firmware hasn’t sorted it , I’m still on 0.27 .
To scared to change as the thing seems to do things allot better than 0,26 .

Hey Ryan, tbh I sold pyramid before the last UDO upgrade cause I received Cirklon finally. I never got to re check, until then it never worked.

Well just to let you know , I tested rigorously and yes S6 midi out is not recognised by pyramid … I’ll be making a support ticket … with both companies after I try recording what is actually coming out of the s6 …
I think ableton does the same as midi ox …
Seems the RnD work for UDO is gonna take up a bit more of my time , as I would like to use my super 6 with the pyramid at some stage …